Why our wax is superior?

Why our wax is superior?

With loads of different wax on the market how did I choose?

Soy, paraffin, bees wax, coconut, rapeseed & different blends of each.

Well after lots of research I found coconut rapeseed wax is the most sustainable. Each wax has its own pros and cons but our coconut rapeseed blend is the best I've found not only for its burning qualities and scent throw but also because of its eco credentials. 

 The coconut wax comes from small coconut farmers (renewable sources) in the Philippines and Indonesia (did you know approximately 1/3 of Filipino farmers and their families make their living from coconut production) due to only the coconuts themselves being harvested there is no deforestation unlike soya production. This makes coconut rapeseed wax the most sustainable on the market due to is renewable sources. 

Rapeseed used is produced in a range of European cities and this rapeseed isn't associated with sustainability issues including endangering habitats, forest clearing etc.

Coconut rapeseed wax is also 100% vegan this wax is not is not derived from genetically modified crops it contains no soy or palm derived materials contains no other additives and as well is halaal and kosher certified. 

In our superior blend rapeseed is sourced within the EU and coconut is sourced from small farms in Asia. It's vegan friendly this completely natural renewable and sustainable wax blend is pesticide free and includes no adjectives. 

The same can't be said for many soy wax manufacturers. There has been numerous different studies that have found soy wax has led to massive deforestation, soil erosion & high greenhouse gas emissions. 

 Coconut rapeseed wax maybe more expensive in the long run but is gives a better overall product. This wax gives a much cleaner burn with no harmful toxins, it also has a longer burn time which means you get more value for money.


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