Common Mistakes With Wax Melts & Burners.

Wax melts provide a cheap but efficient scent boost to your home. Here are 5 extremally common mistakes I've come across.


Using 8 hour tea lights. These tea lights are just for decorative purposes and not intended to use in burners. 8 hour tea lights get to hot in burners. This can lead to a number of different problems, from burning off your fragrance quickly to cracking your burner leading it to become a massive fire hazard. I always recommend 2 to 4 hour tea light. These will help maintain the structure of the burner and make your wax melts last as long as possible.


Don't put your wax burner in the freezer to removed used wax melts. This can weaken the structure of the burner leading to cracks making  it a fire hazard. There are many safe ways of removing used wax melts. Place a tea light in your burner for 30 to 50 seconds and that will release the used wax melt. I also sell reusable wax melt liners and that takes all the hassle for changing your wax melts.


Using to little wax. Its important to use the correct portions of wax. Our clamshell portions are designed to give you up 12hrs of fragrance. Using less will burn the scent off quicker and it will end up costing you money in the long run.


The taller the burner the better. Taller burners are the most efficient and make the fragrance of your wax melts last longer. Tall burners combined with 2 to 4hr tea lights give you optimal burning time when using wax melts.


Using more than one tea light in your burners, is a big no no. Again this is a huge fire hazard an risks the wax boiling. When you use the correct wax portion, burner and tea light, you shouldn't have to add extra tealights or wax to achieve a strong fragrance.


So, my Black & Copper Beauties lets continue to scent our homes but please remember to do so safely by using the correct products. 


Happy Melting,






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