Why Coconut Rapeseed Wax

why coconut & rapeseed wax?

Our wax melts are made using Coconut and Rapeseed wax blend and nothing else! Free from any other nasties including paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and any synthetic additives. I'm constantly researching new information on all the products I use, I decided soy wax was not the way forward and that we would change to a coconut rapeseed blend instead. After lots of reading and coming to a conclusion that soy wax has more cons than pros,recently WWF raised concerns over deforestation linked to an increase demand of SOY. This new information help cement our decision to use Coconut and Rapeseed wax due to its sustainability.

Coconuts are renewable and are considered a sustainable crop thanks to their high yield and crop renewal. The oil is organic by nature, obtained via a natural process and then filtered and cleaned to provide 100% natural and fully biodegradable wax! Not only is Coconut wax sustainable and environmentally friendly, it is also proven to be slow burning with a great scent throw,meaning customers get more bang for their buck. It also gives our wax melts a much glossier finished appearance. A winner our eyes!

Rapeseed oil is also very sustainable, grown across Europe and the UK with no pressure on intensive farming. The fun bright fields full of illuminating yellow flowers you see in summer across Ireland, Europe and the UK. Rapeseed oil, like Coconut oil, is super sustainable and has many positive impacts on the earth too. For example, bees love the nectar that Rapeseed flowers produce and it does not create any harmful toxins.

 If you're all about saving the planet, coconut rapeseed wax melts are the perfect fit for you and your home not only because they are made the most eco-friendly type of wax. They are non-toxic and burn cleaner because coconut wax burns clean with no smoke or soot. 

Rapeseed coconut wax does not contribute to deforestation as the coconut fruit is harvested and the trees remain. Commercially-produced coconuts are mostly grown and harvested by small scale farmers concentrated in tropical Asian countries such as:

  • Fiji
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Samoa
  • Thailand

Supporting these small farmers is an added benefit.

This wax Isn't geneitcally modified. Neither the rapeseed or the coconut crops are genetically modified unlike many other waxes in some soy wax brands.

Rapeseed coconut wax is the only wax controlled by EU law. 

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